Michael Egan
All Stars

Michael Egan’s Athletic Life

Naples triathlete Michael Egan has battled cancer, tackled Ironman World Championships and now competes against some of the world’s best athletes as...
239 Flies Fly Fishing

Lord of the Flies

Led by a fly-tying master and his best friend, Bonita Springs’ 239 Flies inspires a new legion of fly-fishermen in Southwest Florida.
Everglades Distillers
Raise a Glass

Everglades In A Bottle

Jose Calderon’s family-run distillery in Immokalee makes a fully Floridian vodka with flavors from the land.
Fishing charter boat to catch lionfish

Into the Deep

The duo behind Sanibel-founded Salatino Seafood fights back against the deadly, invasive lionfish with delicious results.
Crazy Dingo Brewing Co.
Raise a Glass

Florida Unfiltered

Three friends team up to serve farm-fresh beer and a slice of Old Florida in Fort Myers.