Along the Gulfshore

Playing First Chair

Southwest Florida ranks among the most generous areas in the state, and charity events—and the people who chair them—have a lot to...
Arts + Culture

Great Expectations

The Florida Rep’s new artistic director looks to the theater’s future after its purchase of the historic Arcade building and surrounding city...
Arts + Culture

Ms. Adventure: Voice-Challenged? No Problem

With bubbles, moxie and some fine stepping, a star is born on karaoke night.
Ms. Adventure

Ms. Adventure: My Cat Tells All

The writer learned what her Lalai wants when she meows, how she’s really feeling and much more—thanks to help from a woman...
Ms. Adventure

Ms. Adventure: Glad All Those Manatees Are So Nice

Kayaking on the Orange River amid masses of these giant mammals proved fun, though the writer was ever fearful of the random...
Ms. Adventure

Ms. Adventure: A Doomed Rabbit’s Great Balancing Act

Playing her role on a murder mystery dinner train presented far different challenges from all the writer’s other acting jobs over the...
Ms. Adventure

Ms. Adventure: My Crash Course in Today’s Playtime

Taking on the tech adventures at the HeadPinz Entertainment Center proved sweaty, scary and fun.