Photographer and shopkeeper Diana Todorova’s Estero Bay Olive Oil & Tea

Tea Lovers Flock to this Estero Shop

Diana Todorova offers rare, ultra-first-flush teas at her Estero Bay Olive Oil & Tea.
Alex Wilson

Fort Myers’ Alex Wilson looks out for the holistic well-being of her generation

While SWFL has long been a haven for fit retirees and spry seniors, Alex saw its potential as an emerging center for...
Pranayama breathwork led by yoga instructor Kim Quan
Body / Living Well

How Your Breath Can Change Your Life

Estero-based yoga instructor Kim Quan shares breathing techniques from centuries-old pranayama practices.
SW FL cycling trails

Rails-to-Trails Cycling and Walking Routes take over SWFL

Converted railways and deserted spaces offer new avenues for cyclists and runners along the Gulf Coast.
Aerial view

Lee Health’s Partners in Wellness Helps Local Communities Thrive

Lee Health's Partners in Wellness designation sets guidelines to ensure communities prioritize residents’ health and brings a wealth of Lee Health services...
Urban Meditation

Mindfulness on Fifth Avenue

The new Urban Meditation aims to demystify the mental fortitude practice.
Underwater shot of someone diving

The Magical World of Diving in SWFL

From artificial reefs to historic shipwrecks, the Gulf offers divers a serene underwater experience.
Coach Chè of Increase the Peach gym in Fort Myers

This Fort Myers personal trainer shares her no-nonsense approach to health and fitness.

At her Increase the Peach gym, Coach Chè teaches the power of fitness and strong glutes with approachable routines.
Summer Pliskow
Social Register

Nonprofits Focus on Mental Health

Nonprofits fight for mental health and overall wellness and expand services to better address our region’s needs.
Pyramids in Florida San Carlos Park Wellness Village

Unwind Under the Pyramids in Florida

We explore the lowkey Pyramid-lined wellness village in San Carlos Park.
Kratom tea bars Goodfellow

High Tea

The couple behind Good Fellow Botanicals brews a refined version of the mood-stimulating kratom tea and delivers it straight to your door.
Big Cypress National Preserve

Mother Earth’s Medicine

Yoga hikes and mindfulness trails are just some of the ways local ecological centers taps into nature’s healing powers.
Colusa Farms Local Microgreens

Mighty Leaf: Nutrient-rich Microgreens

From garnishes to smoothies to cosmetics, tiny microgreens pack a powerful punch.
Naples’ iN’Dulge Treatment Bar Norma Long

Picture Perfect

At Naples’ iN’Dulge Treatment Bar, clean beauty and social media-ready hair go hand in hand.

Serenity Now

Luxe local spas offer new ways to reset and relax with a mix of Old World-inspired treatments, royal rituals and new technologies.