2022 Forces of Philanthropy at Artis Naples

Meet the 2022 Forces of Philanthropy

Who runs the world? In Southwest Florida’s nonprofit scene, it’s women. And they’re changing how we approach fundraising, advocacy and giving.
Type 1 diabetes warrior Leah Shwedel cuddling with teddy bear

Naples’ Youngest Type 1 Warrior

For Leah Shwedel, an 8-year-old living with Type 1 diabetes, daily life offers the chance to educate others about her disease while...
Local craft beer

Something’s Brewing

The craft beer craze goes beyond hoppy IPAs and refreshing pale ales, creating community spaces that are worth their weight in liquid...
Sugarshack backyard

The Sound of Things to Come

Sugarshack Media roots modern streaming culture in community through their 1940s Bonita Springs bungalow where they record their live music sessions.
Julia Hall Liegeois

A Room of Her Own

With a knack for layered spaces, antiques and maximalist interiors, Julia Hall Liegeois reflects a new, brighter age in interior design.
ECHO global farm

ECHO Global Farm Helps Feed the World’s Hungry

For 40 years, ECHO global farm has connected dots to feed the world’s hungry from its home in North Fort Myers.
Reisha Perlmutter

Lady in Blue

Reisha Perlmutter captures the healing powers of water and the force of femininity through her art.
Keewaydin Island

Get Lost

Two Southwest Florida Island Escapes
The Fisherman’s Daughter fish dip

The Fisherman’s Daughter Seafood Brand

Through her seafood brand and poetry, Chanda Jamieson and her family speak the forgotten language of the Gulf.
Fishing charter boat to catch lionfish

Into the Deep

The duo behind Sanibel-founded Salatino Seafood fights back against the deadly, invasive lionfish with delicious results.
Jessica Osceola

Root Of All Creation

From her microfarm in Estero, Jessica Osceola preserves and propels her Seminole heritage, weaving together her artistic education, lessons and traditions from...
Photographer Carlton Ward Jr. in the Florida Wildlife Corridor

Protecting the Florida Wildlife Corridor

Journalist Jennifer Reed trails conservationist and National Geographic photographer Carlton Ward Jr. to learn about the Florida Wildlife Corridor—an effort he helped...

Defenders of the Gulf

These sustainability heroes fight for our coast and every living thing within it.

Age of Indulgence

Diners venture back to restaurants with a seize-the-day attitude, splurging on tasting menus, decadent dishes and rare wines.