August 20, 2014
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The Magnificent 7

Meet some of the coolest bachelors in Southwest Florida.

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Michael Stull

Age: 29

Hometown: Clyde, Ohio

Profession: Wellness consultant and speaker


Last book you read? The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

The perfect woman is: a Christian, loyal and genuine

Celebrity crush? Meghan Markle

What do you notice first about a woman? I take in the whole package, but focus in on the smile and eyes.

Desire to settle down (out of 10)? 10

Three words to describe yourself: Christian, driven, loyal

What do you do in your free time? Work out, read, paddleboard, spend time at the beach, anything physical

Speak any other languages? No. Three years of Spanish and I forgot it all!

Most played song on your iTunes? Free by Zac Brown Band

Your personal motto? Romans 8:28 is the foundation I live on. It takes all worry away from life.

Any tattoos or piercings? My back is covered with a mural that is religious and faith based.

Call or text? Call. There can be too much reading between the lines on texting.

How will a woman know you’re interested? She will know because I will tell her. I’m not a game person at all.

Guilty pleasure? I like to reward myself on occasion with a big burger, fries and a beer.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Being an active leader in my profession and raising a wonderful family as a dad and husband.

Dating deal-breaker(s)? Smoking, not being genuine, being superficial

Do you check out a woman on Facebook, etc. before your first date? I’d rather learn everything about her when meeting her first.

Your biggest vice? Coffee. I never drank coffee until moving to Florida. Now, I’m addicted.


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