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Do You Care About Your Clothes?

BY March 20, 2012

Although we take time and spend money finding clothes we love,
we don’t always care for them the way we should. If we look after our clothes they’ll love us back by looking good and lasting.

The first thing to consider is your lifestyle: If you only want low-maintenance clothes, it’s vital to look at the labels before you buy so you can select easy care garments that you can launder at home.


Even if your garments can be laundered, you may neither have the time nor inclination to do it yourself. Dry cleaners do also offer services such as laundering (looking after everything from sheets to shirts), alterations and specialist cleaning for wedding dresses and special occasion wear.



To help your dry cleaner bring out the best in your clothes, here are some things to remember:


 Don’t put your tuxedo or special event dress away without having it cleaned. It may look clean, but perspiration and oils from your skin can attract moths and other insects.

The older a stain, the harder it is to remove. Get stained clothing to your cleaner as soon as possible.

There’s a much better chance of removing a spot if you tell your cleaner what caused it. Be honest about it—there’s very little your cleaner won’t have heard before!


Tim O’Gorman, owner of Champion Cleaners, offers some extra services to make our lives easier, including a pick-up and delivery service for Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero; and my favorite, a unique 24 hour pick-up/drop-off locker facility, so you’ll never have to wait until the morning to take in your cleaning. That’s smart!

Champion Cleaners is located at 13500 Tamiami Trail N., Naples.

Fashion expert Cheryl Lampard is the founder of Style Matters International, www.stylemattersinternational.com

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