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Feel Good: Barking Isn't the Only Thing Fido Does To Keep You Awake

People who sleep with their pets sleep worse on average than people who don't.

BY June 9, 2014

If you're a pet owner, there's a good bet that you're sporting dark circles or bags under your eyes. That's because those of us who allow Fido or Ms. Muffins to take up space with us on the bed at night suffer from far worse sleep than people without pets. A recent study showed that of pet owners who shared a bed with a pet at least four days a week, found that 63 percent of them suffered from poor sleep quality. Thirty percent reported waking up because of their pets at least once a night. So the truth is out there, if you want to look and sleep better, set some boundaries for Fido. Or better yet, buy a goldfish—and don't sleep with it.

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