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iCup: Vessyl Makes Your Beverages High Tech

BY August 6, 2014

We tend to only think of the food products we stuff in our mouths as things we should be paying attention to. But think about the things we drink. Most of us are running around with cups of latte or bottles of green juice, so why not keep track of that, too? And, not surprisingly, there's a new technology for that. The Vessyl is a modern take on a travel mug: clean lines, snug top, capable of holding 13 oz of whatever beverage you've got. But it can also analyze what you pour into it. Not only will it identify the beverage, it will tell you its dietary content: sugar, protein, fat, calories, caffeine, you name it. It then takes that information and sends it to your smartphone via Bluetooth where it can record and analyze your intake. Assuming you only drink out of the Vessyl, it will be able to tell you hydration levels and warn you if you need to drink more water. Is this necessary? Hard to say. But is it cool? You betcha. And that's good enough for us. Vessyl will be available in early 2015 for $199, but if you order before Aug. 10 you can get one for $99.

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