Hands-on Art

Stunning sculpture that's meant to be touched

BY September 16, 2014


If you’re the touchy-feely sort who can't resist the tactile pleasure of running your fingers along the goods at Saks (guilty, or so my husband tells me), you probably hate the sensory deprivation of a museum’s hands-off policy. Gail Folwell’s Handle the Art is meant to be touched. The Colorado-based sculptor, whose full-size sculptures are among public and private commissions at the Denver Art Museum, Pro Football Hall of Fame and Silver Oak Winery, has translated the female and male forms of gods and goddesses plus funny faces and hand gestures (no, not that one) into bronze pulls for cabinetry and front doors. Knobs, robe hooks and cabinet pulls are priced from $85 to $350; door pulls start at $1,250. Search designs, commission your own custom work and order through handletheart.com.



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