Admit It: You Pamper Your Pets

Nanci Theoret discovers a furniture line perfect for your prince or princess pooch.

BY October 1, 2014











        At just 60 pounds, Annie, my supposed mastiff mix, didn’t quite grow to our expectations–or the massive bed we bought. So I was completely smitten the moment I saw Jonathan Charles’ new collection of 1760s-inspired small to extra-large pet beds. Forget the overstuffed poof on the floor; these beds–mini versions of authentic furniture – feature the brand’s signature carving, walnut and mahogany veneers, and Old World craftsmanship that recalls the originals. The barrel, inspired by an oval Irish peat bucket, even has brass detailing. Totally fit for my princess and your pampered pooch. I’m told they’re available at European Traditions in Naples, and I’ll be visiting soon.


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