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Shopportunities: Pocketing the Change

With pockets definitely in style, here's how to get the look that will work for you.

BY February 2, 2015


Dear Cheryl,

I avoid buying clothes with pockets but so many garments have them—how can I get around this trend?

—Jennifer H., Fort Myers

I’d encourage you to “embrace change” this season, as pockets are popping up on everything from haute couture runway looks to simple, everyday skirts and dresses. So instead of avoiding the trend, look at how to make them work for you. The main objection to pockets is they tend to add volume—particularly at the hips—which is the last thing most of us want. If that’s your fear, steer clear of slim, sleek, pocketed garments, and make sure pockets on pants and skirts don’t open up as you move, adding visual bulk. Pockets inserted in the side seams of a garment are the most discreet, and when placed in a fuller, more voluminous silhouette, they are hardly noticeable.

If you really don’t like pockets, most (especially concealed or side-seam versions) can be stitched up or simply removed by a tailor or dressmaker. However, as many of this season’s flared and full-skirted evening and cocktail dresses have integral pockets, you may even find you like having somewhere to put your hands, and it will certainly look jauntier than the clichéd “hand on hip” photo pose.

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