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Hot Dish: Cool Down with One Bad A** Cup of Joe

BY March 6, 2015


Iced coffee is one of mankind’s finer hot-summer-sun refreshments, the perfect antidote to a languid afternoon. But for those of us needing a real jolt of java in addition to an icy kick—or for purists who want their brew just right—the ice in the iced coffee can be more of a curse than a blessing. Enter Bad Ass Coffee, serving Kona beans from Hawaii’s Big Island and a real dose of barista intensity to match (watch them at careful work on each order and you can’t miss the painstaking precision). The Third Street staple just a bit south of the main stretch of shops is known for its exhaustive list of lattes (last time we checked it was near 30), but a little-known fact is that it makes iced-coffee ice cubes. The dark brown rectangles of ingenuity keep your beverage chilled and make a splash in the best way possible. Simply put, they’re the food equivalent of a gift that keeps on giving, and they look cool too—or, ahem, badass. 


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