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Hot Dish: A Good-Tasting Way to be Good to Mother Earth

Next Wednesday, Second Cup brings a little something extra to your cup of joe.

BY April 15, 2015

Many of us are guilty of grabbing whatever is quickest and easiest in the morning. Even the drive thru can feel like a tortuous waste of time if it means cutting it close to an early appointment (raise your hand if you’ve sat tapping your fingers, hoping the snaking line will miraculously move faster).

But on Wednesday, April 22, leave your house a few minutes ahead of schedule, or plan a long, leisurely outing, for a jolt of java at Second Cup. Any day of the year is always a great one to sip the Fair Trade- and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees sold there, but in honor of Earth Day, order the Cuzco organic brewed coffee. (By the way, does anyone else find it hard to believe nearly half a century has passed since celebrating Mother Earth entered our collective consciousness in 1970, 45 years ago on the nose?) The Naples café will not only offer free refills of the medium roast from beans culled in Peru’s highlands—note that no forests are harmed, as the coffee is cultivated in the ecologically friendly, shade-grown method—but also plant a tree for every cup of it sold that day. Fear not if you can’t make it then: The company routinely plants two trees for every pound sold. Double score for concerned coffee drinkers and the planet. 


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