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Hot Dish: Ford’s Garage Maple-Beer Sauce

A unique treat for those who love sweet

BY April 22, 2015


For someone with a sweet tooth, nothing goes better with sweet than sweet.

In the case of sweet potato fries, that usually translates to granulated sugar sprinkled on top and perhaps a honey-mustard sauce. Ford’s Garage takes the cake, however, with its maple-cinnamon beer sauce. Not really sticky like pure maple sap, yet not quite as runny as Aunt Jemima, it travels the Goldilocks middle road in its consistency. The taste? Sweet—but not overwhelmingly so—with a hint of something mysterious (what I later found out was New Belgium’s Fat Tire amber ale). Most people make a trip to the Fort Myers burger mecca to have their Black Angus served in myriad ways, from the “American Standard” (aged cheddar, lettuce, and tomato on a white bun) to a build-your-own option that includes standard fare (eight types of cheeses and caramelized onions) in addition to “burger bling” toppers like onion rings, fried egg and pulled pork. But we find ourselves motivated to go for the irresistible dipper—the fries are just the vehicle to the sweet, tasty goodness. 

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