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Hot Dish: Afloat but not Adrift at Coconut Jack’s

A bit more about the Bonita hot spot voted by our editors as the "Best Dinner Afloat" in the May issue, on newsstands now.

BY May 8, 2015



Everything is better with water—running trails, backyards, golf courses—but there’s a reason dockside dining trumps a dinner cruise any day. Have you ever eaten on a boat? Kitchens are small, tables sway, a biting breeze can nip at your nose even in the dead of summer (take cover and the portholes block the splendid views). That’s why our favorite seat in paradise for sweet-savory shrimp, mahi mahi tacos and piña coladas is at one of the three isolated tables at the edge of Coconut Jack’s Waterfront Grille in a quiet Bonita Springs bay. Removed from the din of the open-air tiki, it’s you, the mangroves and the fish frolicking below. Dining companion optional.


An edible wonton basket in a pool of raspberry and mango sauce is Coconut Jack’s twist on coconut shrimp.




Blackened mahi mahi with pineapple-cilantro salsa and Key lime aioli is the recipe for the restaurant’s award-winning tacos.




The Southwest Florida standard, Key lime pie, is a sweet finale to an evening afloat. 


Stay tuned for a deeper look at more of our Best Of dining picks.


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