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Hot Dish: Jazzed About Lunch at Slate’s

BY May 20, 2015

Some like it hot. Those who like it really hot need to drop everything right now and visit Slate’s in Cape Coral. You know who you are: If pizza just isn’t pizza without red pepper flakes, or you ask for a bottle of Tabasco no matter if it’s for scrambled eggs or oysters on the half shell, this authentic outpost of the Crescent City just may become your new home away from home.

But even if spice doesn’t jazz you up per se, there are plenty of high notes at the New Orleans-themed restaurant that it’s definitely worth stopping by—as we saw in our May issue (still on newsstands!). While our review touched upon the delightful corn-sweetened crab beignets and inventive Creole-style gnocchi at dinner, the lunch, served Tuesday to Friday with a jazz brunch Sunday, satisfies a different slice of the Big Easy cravings…


Shrimp Po’ Boy: In just a slight twist on this cornmeal-dredged crustacean showpiece, the mayo here is infused with cilantro, habaneros, Dijon and a touch of honey. The lightly sautéed potatoes (which come with all sandwiches) are a smooth counterpoint to the zest and crunch.

LEVEL OF SPICE: Spice? What spice? Novice palates safe.



Zydeco Sausage Sandwich: It’s hard to tell from the pic where the thick slices of sharp provolone end and the ciabatta begins, but in this case, the more-is-more approach in the flavor department works wonders with hot house-made sausage and a pickled relish of tomatoes, red onions and lime juice. 

LEVEL OF SPICE: A tingling tongue, and maybe lower lip, but not much more damage.



Crawfish Étouffée: Three or four spoonfuls in, and you’ll be forgiven for not paying attention anymore to the generous morsels of tender meat. The stew’s base is somewhat simple with tomatoes, celery, onions, poblanos and jalapeños, but mixing in three dried peppers—cayenne, black and white—ignites a true Cajun firestorm.

LEVEL OF SPICE: Grab all water at the table and start chugging. Refill and repeat. 




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