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Shopportunities: The Slit Skirt Challenge

Tips on getting the best look for you

BY May 26, 2015


Dear Cheryl,
I’ve always been partial to skirts with side slits. I’m noticing new versions with multiple slits—how easy are they to wear?

 —Leanne T., Fort Myers

We’ve seen slit skirts in previous decades and, like all good fashions, their time has circled back around. Nothing ever returns exactly as before—a good thing, as there are so many stylish options in this current manifestation. Nevertheless, many of this season’s skirts and dresses feature sky-high slits, which can be tricky to pull off. Standing photo-pose still in a sleek slit number is one thing, but factor in walking and a gust of wind and it’s quite a different matter; consider how confident you are about your legs and how much of them you’re happy to show. Skirts with center-front slits can be particularly challenging (and inelegant) when you sit down, so always do the “sit test” before you buy. Look at front-wrap options, which give a sexy flash of leg in movement, yet provide coverage when sitting. One of my favorite ways to wear slit garments is with leggings, a snug pant or jeans underneath. In various iterations, you can create looks that are relaxed and casual, smart enough for work, or slinky and red-carpet ready.

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What to Wear: to a Job Interview

Whether you’re changing careers or going back into the workplace after a break, knowing what to wear for that all-important interview process is crucial. To make your first impression the right one, do your homework on the dress code of the company, then step it up a degree or two. A well-fitting, dressy blazer is a go-to piece for any interview scenario. Worn over a neutral tailored dress, it’s a polished alternative to a suit. In a creative field, where you’ll have a bit more leeway, swap out the neutral dress for one in a bold color, or add some personality with a great bag or interesting shoes. Even if you know a company to be super-casual, jeans aren’t suitable interview attire. Team the blazer with a simple, well-cut top and pants for a look that’s casually chic. Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable in expressing your personal style; just make sure you reflect it in a professional manner. 


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