Shopportunities: The Perfect Necklace for You

What you should know about shape, length and more—plus, what to wear for a summer wedding

BY August 25, 2015



 After several years of not wearing jewelry, I’m keen to wear a necklace again. My instinct is just to go with what appeals, but, as I have a round face and I’m petite, I’d appreciate some guidance.

 —Wendy H., Lehigh Acres

I'm a great believer that your personal taste should be the main factor in your choice of necklace. Nevertheless, some styles will be more flattering than others. For example, close-fitting chokers tend to make any neck other than a long, slender one look shorter and thicker. Because you have a round face, try styles that fall into a “V” shape to visually elongate. One of the most versatile necklace lengths is between 16 and 18 inches, which works well with most necklines.

To find your “balance point,” measure the length of your face from your hairline to the bottom of your chin. Now take that distance and measure down from the bottom of your chin to where it lands on your chest. You can go even longer (à la Coco Chanel’s layered ropes of pearls), but tie a knot in the piece or create a focal point at your balance point so it looks intentional and not overpowering.

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What to Wear: for a Summer Wedding

Some dress codes are unspoken—nothing too short or revealing, no all-over white without approval from the bride. Aside from those stipulations, if no dress code has been given, do a little homework as to the venue and assume you may be outside for part of the proceedings and under cover for others. A chic wrap may be required for chilly air-conditioned places. For a daytime wedding, a knee-length or cocktail dress is ideal, worn with great shoes and a neat clutch. If the celebrations continue into the evening, consider a maxi-dress or billowy evening pants, and add a sparkly purse for some nighttime glitz. In a non-beach setting, you can wear your highest heels without fear of digging yourself into the sand—although it might be prudent to bring a second, wearable pair if you’re planning to hit the dance floor.


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