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Five Best: Southwest Florida stylists pick their favorite hair products

Style experts recommend the best treatments to help fix your hair

BY October 28, 2015


As a child, I yearned for cherubic, bouncing curls rather than the poker-straight, unbendable hair genetics had given me. As a teenager, my sleek, swinging bob was the envy of my wavy-haired friends. Whatever type of hair we have naturally, we always seem to want something else; yet, basically, we all want the same thing: controllable hair that shines like glass and styling we can do ourselves between salon visits.

Full disclosure here: I’m obsessed with trying different hair products. But with so many on the market, my hair would have turned white before I’d managed to sample even a small percentage of them. So in the interest of timely consumer testing, I did the smart thing and asked some local hair stylists and salon owners to pick their favorites. And, yes, I’ve added my own two cents’ worth too.

1. Moroccanoil Light

This product is “perfect for cocktailing with other products,” says Randy Burke, master stylist at The Naples Grande Spa. $60; The Naples Grande Spa

2. Biotene Shampoo
Cheryl says: “My pick—a rich shampoo that works wonders on my fine hair.” $9.99; Whole Foods

3. Pure Blends

Erick Carter of Salon Zenergy describes this line as “color-depositing shampoos that help prevent color fade.” $24.95 (including custom blending); Salon Zenergy

4. Keratage Thermal Protection Spray
“Takes away the frizz—everyone should use it,” Ciara Bennis, owner of Salon C International, says of the mist. $24.25; Salon C International

5. ALoxxi Lightweight

Sculpting Wax Bennis says this wax is a favorite with the salon’s stylists. $18; Salon C International


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