Shopportunities: Trend-Conscious? Listen Up

The smart way to incorporate new looks with the things that look best on you

BY December 7, 2015

Image courtesy Nordstrom



"There are so many new looks this winter (and I want them all), but, realistically, how do I pick from a raft of seasonal trends?"

 —Wendy C., Fort Myers

Being stylish isn’t about the number of items you have in your closet. It’s about knowing your most flattering silhouettes and colors, and updating your wardrobe each season with a few key pieces to keep it fresh. (This concept is exactly how women in continental Europe organize their wardrobes.)

Fashion trends are short-term, so think about the investment you’re making and ask yourself (truthfully) how many times you’ll really wear that “must-have” item in a color that goes with nothing else you possess. I’m not saying don’t buy fun fashion items—just don’t spend a lot on them. Think about your top 10 outfits, what makes them your go-to pieces, and how you can incorporate one or more of the latest trends. For example, if you favor separates, this season’s bow-tie blouse, slip-on loafers and a plaid sweater would all be great on-trend additions to your wardrobe because you already have a variety of bottom halves to go with them. Remember: You don’t have to follow every trend. A few carefully chosen pieces show true individual style.

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