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The Look: Chunky Steps Up

BY December 7, 2015



The chunky-heeled shoe is big this winter. When I say “big,” I mean it both figuratively and literally. After several seasons of needle-thin, sky-high heels, at first glance the latest footwear appears not only chunky but downright clunky. Look again, because they’re perfectly in-tune with the season’s heavier fabrics; they also give attitude to classic looks. Not least, chunkier heels tend to be more comfortable, providing greater stability and balance. Blue-sky thinking may have been the inspiration, but designers certainly had their feet on the ground creating these current collections.

Jillyy platform sandal, $99.95; Bettty pump, $99.95; and Joanie platform bootie, $149.95, Steve Madden, Nordstrom.

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