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The Best of the ‘Best Of’ Lists of 2015

BY December 24, 2015

Another year is about to end, and what better way to celebrate it than by, you guessed it, creating a list!

People love a good list—especially this time of year. Best movies, best videos games, best TV shows … and we’re certainly guilty of that as well (in case you haven’t noticed, this is part of a blog called Weekly Best). So, let’s create a list of lists. 

Drum roll please…. It’s Gulfshore Life’s most popular lists of 2015:

5. The Best of the American Sand Sculpting ChampionshipAlong the Gulfshore, November

4. Best Waterfront Bars in Southwest FloridaGulfshore Life, October

3. 10 Best Restaurants for Waterfront DiningGulfshore Life, October

2. Best of the GulfshoreGulfshore Life, May

1. 10 Best New RestaurantsGulfshore Life, January


(List compiled based on total pageviews year to date, according to Google Analytics—which we know is a bit unfair considering it gives advantage to stories that have been online longer, and we should have done it on some sort of average pageview per day metric, but we’re tired and just want to go home for Christmas.)


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