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Sign us up to be the teacher’s pet when it involves learning the secrets to making our favorite dishes at Sea Salt and Barbatella

BY March 3, 2016

UPDATED 4/14/16: The classes continue to be a hit for Sea Salt and Barbatella. Barbatella is hosting an art night April 20 and a seasonal cooking class April 27.

Each spring breathes new life into the food scene, a recalibration after peak winter months when restaurants actually have the time to offer something beyond just a table on a busy day.

For Sea Salt and Barbatella, sister eateries on Third Street South, that means the return of cooking classes. They were such a hit last year that they’re starting earlier and will be offered consistently from now until July—and likely on and off until next season kicks into high gear.

The first for 2016 is at Sea Salt on Saturday, March 12, with a cult favorite taking center stage: the divinely creamy, truffle-doused, braised veal ravioli (a menu fixture that’s among the all-time best-sellers). For that lunchtime rendezvous, the restaurant’s chefs led by the affable Jason Goddard will demonstrate in its open kitchen. Step-by-step, they’ll show how they take those Italian nuggets of deliciousness and transform them into a dish that will linger in your mind long after your last bite disappears from the sit-down meal following the demo (the dish is a recurring star in our food-related daydreams). Limited to 20 people, the $50 tickets also include a glass of wine.

Even better is that this is just the beginning. Barbatella is launching “Culture Wednesdays” starting in April and continuing until the end of June. The cycle each month will always end with a cooking class, and the first three weeks will be first an opera night then a wine dinner and then an art night where you can nibble hors d’oeuvres and sip wine while bringing out your inner Michelangelo with the provided art supplies.

For eager students of both restaurants (and culture vultures!), check the social media channels to see the details of when, where and what they’re next willing to divulge.


Sea Salt and Barbatella

Cooking classes and Culture Wednesdays

For more information, call (239) 434-7258 or (239) 263-1955.,


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