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Tulia to Serve Brunch (Yay!)

Renowned chef Vincenzo Betulia’s first foray into French toast and frittatas is Easter Sunday.

BY March 25, 2016


There's no arguing that Vincenzo Betulia is one of our area’s best chefs. The farm-fresh ingredients he puts on the chopping block at Osteria Tulia come out so good you almost have to refrain from licking your plate. He’s also, thankfully, not risk-adverse, daring to stray from his up-market Italian staples at times (witness the fun Asian-themed ramen series at Bar Tulia last summer). So it may come as a big surprise that until now, neither of his restaurants have ever served brunch—you know, full-on eggs beni and “smoked salmon carpaccio” (aka lox). If you treat brunch as a verb and look forward to it all week, snag a table at Tulia on Easter Sunday between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. (the restaurant is opening an hour early and ending midday service an hour later) to try his sophisticated spins, from crab cake benedict with a red pepper coulis to a lobster omelet with crème fraiche, caviar and chives. For those in your group who may not be on the brunch bandwagon, the a la carte menu will be heavy on favorites like the Mary Had a Little Lamb sausage and ricotta pizza and the short rib-foie gras tortelloni. But we strongly recommend trying the brunch—as everything Betulia puts his hands on tends to turn out sunny-side way up.


To plan a visit:

Osteria Tulia

466 Fifth Ave. S., Naples

(239) 213-2073


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