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Dining Review: Azure

With the tastiest of dishes, sophisticated look and convivial ambiance, Azure is taking its place as one of the area’s top eateries.

  From the moment I walked into Azure, the modern French bistro in south Fort Myers, I knew it would be a special evening. The restaurant was small, lit with glass chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and light reflected off the blue walls. The intimate space felt sophisticated, tasteful and—though I couldn’t yet put my finger on why—convivial. It was the sort of atmosphere that makes people with a taste for upscale dining excited to experience it. The tiny room was full for this particular mid-week dinner, so my dining companion and I were seated at the bar that faces into the open kitchen. My friend is a traditionalist when it comes to fine restaurants, and I worried that she’d balk at eating at the counter. But the show in front of us was so captivating, I saw right away that we’d gotten the best seats in the house. As the chef and sous chef ladled sauces into sauté pans, laid out fine cuts of meat and torched ramekins of crème brûlée, I wondered why anyone would choose not to sit ringside. When it came to selecting our first course, my companion and I considered the more traditional French offerings—escargot, foie gras—but instead we settled on the stuffed quail ($18) and risotto made with wild mushrooms and duck confit ($19-at right). (For those so inclined, a tightly edited list of wines was surprisingly not limited to France.) The quail was filled with diced sweet potatoes and cubes of smoked b
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