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Bottoms Up: Lemonade at Mermaid Garden Cafe

BY May 16, 2016

People get applauded for making lemonade out of lemons—but how about beets, cilantro, carrots and more usual (yet still quite unusual) suspects, like pears, watermelon and pineapple? Chef Gloria Jordan has squeezed out a niche for her whimsical farm-to-table Mermaid Garden Café with the Fort Myers lunch set with her ever-changing daily twist to the refreshing beverage. Her clients have jumped at the chance to get creative, too. “We have a few ladies that love to experiment with my lemonade,” she says. “We’ve splashed the strawberry with Sauvignon Blanc, the cherry tomato with Prosecco and the peach with Champagne. … We’ve been practicing for almost a year. We’ve got it down.”


8695 College Parkway, Fort Myers, 425-3480,

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