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Master Kombucha and Kimchee

Trust your gut? Then treat it right. Cook your way to better health with a three-class series on probiotic-rich recipes.

BY June 2, 2016

Photo by Dorothea Hunter Sönne

Chances are if you have traveled to New York or LA in the past year—or are a devotee of our very own Dr. David Perlmutter—you know kombucha is the “It” drink. Wine, coffee, even smoothies or celery-apple-beet juice can’t offer the gut-promoting health benefits the fermented tea replete with probiotics does.

But it can be an expensive habit, both on tap at places like The Bowl or by the bottle at Whole Foods (although there you can get a 10 percent discount if you buy by the case).

Photo by Helen Leuze Photography

Good thing New Age nutrition coach Laura Grammatico (pictured), a certified holistic health educator and natural foods chef, is offering a workshop on Saturday, June 4, teaching how to brew it at home for pennies to the gallon.

It’s actually the first of her Happy Belly Bundle series of classes designed to boost your entire digestive system. All will be held at the LIFE Institute in East Naples, and the two other sessions will also feature super-trendy health enhancers kimchee and bone broth. (And should the dates not work in your favor, Grammatico is taping each of the hour-and-a-half-long tutorials and selling the whole batch for $99 on her website.)


Happy Belly Bundle classes

$35 per class; seats must be purchased in advance

#1: June 4: Healing Your Gut—Brewing Kombucha at Home

#2: July 14: Introduction to Fermented Foods—Culture Your Own Probiotic Veggies

#3: Aug. 13: Nourishing Bone Broth for a Leaky Gut—Heal and Seal


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