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New Menu and Praise for Petar’s

As Petar’s Restaurant takes its place among the Best of the Gulfshore, it switches up nearly half of its offerings.

BY June 15, 2016


When I was writing my annual Best of the Gulfshore list for food and dining, there was no question I needed to include Petar’s risotto. Dishes that truly surprise me grow fewer and farther between seemingly every year, but chef Petar Al Kurdi’s butternut squash risotto did just that: first for the use of butternut squash (which is common in ravioli, not so much in risotto), and then for the addition of fresh dill and chive oil.

This photo doesn’t do the butternut squash risotto justice, but it’s simply one of the best dishes I’ve had in months. It was removed for summer, but chef Petar says he can make it on request if given advance notice. 

Interesting gambles like that with how our tastebuds will react to simple yet how-did-he-think-of-that combinations is a hallmark of the bistro, which has grown a golden reputation since it opened last season. And for a place that’s known for its extremely pared down menu, I wanted to let everyone know chef Petar unveiled a new one in early June. A small handful of dishes remain untouched, including the crab cake, lasagna, chicken and two desserts, but the other eight have been tailored to warmer nights, such as a watermelon gazpacho with a roasted corn and bacon salsa and a grouper in a lobster broth alongside lobster mashed potatoes. There thankfully still is a risotto; however, now it’s with lobster and jumbo shrimp. But (you’ll see just how good the restaurant’s namesake is in a second), as long as chef Petar has enough advance notice and can find the ingredients, he says he’s willing to make guests anything they’ve previously had if they request it when making a reservation.


To plan a visit:

Petar's Restaurant

3300 Bonita Beach Road, Bonita Springs

(239) 494-1343


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