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Feel Good: Frantz EyeCare Takes A New Look At Dry Eye

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BY July 13, 2016

New insight into dry eye

The scratchiness, discomfort or even blurry vision won’t go away when you blink or even when you use eye drops. The bad news: You may have dry eye. The problem is that it can be very difficult to treat. The good news: We’re getting smarter about the causes. A new technology is starting to show doctors the root cause of dry eye. The majority of cases have to do with the oil produced in the lids. Clinics such as Frantz EyeCare are on the cutting edge of this technology, using LipiView to identify the oil-producing glands and LiliFlow to remove any blockage. “This has revolutionized our understanding of dry eye,” says Dr. Jeffrey Robin.

What is clean eating?

The latest diet that’s been getting a lot of buzz is called “clean eating.” Don’t roll your eyes—there’s some value to it. When you get down to it, clean eating is really just about stripping down the diet to something simple. It’s a way to avoid calorie counting or portion sizing. Instead, focus on eating fresh, unprocessed food that has been simply cooked (think stir-fried veggies instead of fried chicken). Incorporate more plants into your diet, but don’t forget to include protein in each meal, like eggs or fish. Avoid sugar and salt. And, eat regular, balanced meals. The term may sound like a fad, but it’s following the traditional rules of a healthy diet.

Stay here for that knee replacement

The cost of surgery in Florida is actually a good deal. The Health Care Cost Institute released its National Chartbook on Healthcare Prices recently, and the Sunshine State fared pretty well. In looking at several medical procedures, the study found that Florida residents ended up paying slightly less on average compared to most Americans. In the bigger picture, the study notes how wildly prices swing from state to state—and even city to city. A knee replacement in Miami is about $17,000 less than the same procedure in Palm City. “There doesn't seem to be a systematic pattern with respect to what's high and what's low,” institute director David Newman told NPR.

Lip injections are the new brow-lift

The hot new cosmetic surgery is here: Lip injections are the second-fastest-growing facial procedure (behind dermabrasion) since 2000.

Welcome to the eighth decade

You’ve made it to age 70. Quite the achievement. So, what do you do now? Two lifelong friends faced a similar question. So, they decided to ask it—to any woman who would answer. For 70 Candles! Women Thriving in Their 8th Decade, friends Jane Giddan and Ellen Cole spoke to dozens of women online and in person about their experiences after 70. The book details their stories with a few helpful insights into aging gracefully. A few pointers from one retiree: Don’t rush into too many volunteer activities; create an office space just for yourself at home; and explore blogging—it’s a great way to get out your feelings and meet similar people.

Shock yourself healthy

A new wristband device called a Pavlok is being touted as a way to break bad habits—through shock therapy. The device lets you shock yourself each time you do something you don’t like.

How to pick your trainer

If you’re looking to get serious about your workout, it may be time to get a personal trainer. But how to choose? First off, do your homework. When meeting with a trainer, ask about certifications (a good trainer will have certification from an organization like the American Council on Exercise or the National Academy of Sports Medicine), experience and references from other clients. As Naples area personal trainer Michael Simons says, make sure you ask yourself key questions: What are your goals? Are you looking for general fitness, weight loss, sport-specific? Does your trainer specialize in that type of fitness, and how will he or she help you track your progress toward your goals? Lastly, shop around. Talk to different trainers. Aside from making sure the price is right, you want to see how your personalities mesh, as well.  


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