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Fuji: Sashimi, Sake and Sunday Deals

The casual Asian bistro has a core following for fresh sushi.

BY July 20, 2016

Naples has its fair share of cult classics for anything you can think of: hamburgers, Sunday gravy, croissants. Amid the pantheon of sushi houses on the tip of a sashimi aficionado's tongue is a quirky little hole in the wall off of Naples Boulevard (of all places): Fuji Sushi Bar & Asian Bistro. It's a rare independent eatery in a sea of chains, and a sit-down one at that (if you don't mind the woosh of cars, the front patio is surprisingly zen). Should you find yourself craving a touch of teriyaki, bowl of noodles or shrimp tempura on a visit to Lowe's or Best Buy, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better alternate—especially on a Sunday, when there's a menu of insanely slashed prices for said specialties. But order the sashimi; you won’t leave disappointed, no matter what the day.



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