Behind the Scenes: The October Fashion Shoot

Getting ready for gala season.

BY September 23, 2016

The October fashion photo shoot theme anticipated the beginning of gala season, with our model Kamini Chinloy donning elegant gowns in a bohemian set.

Pamela Jean, the fashion director, came into the FGCU Broadcasting Building with over 30 pounds of fabric ready to be draped to create a Moroccan street market feel. Fashion assistant Matthew Kritis helped find a method in the madness while Pam and him envisioned each gown’s individual fabric pairings. Marinella Infante worked her hair and makeup magic on Kamini, turning her from Greek goddess one moment to modern elegance the next. Jeff Herron and his assistant Michael Cushmann meticulously tested lighting and angles to create another world within his focal length. Creative director Tessa Tilden-Smith brought it all together and made the vision a reality.

The tasteful gowns in front of the draping patterns and colors played perfectly off of each other, which made for a fascinating and stunning photo shoot.


A strappy pair of Charlotte Olympia heels waiting to be worn.


Photographer Jeff Heron shooting a seated Kamini Chinloy in a magenta gala gown.


Fashion director Pamela Jean and her assistant Matthew Kritis draping fabrics over a rack to create her vision for set.


Kamini putting on stunning rose diamond earrings.


Pamela helping Kamini secure a gorgeous royal blue and emerald statement piece.


The beautiful gala gowns hanging on a rack amidst the chaos.


Pamela, Matthew and hair and makeup guru Marinella Infante touching up Kamini before a shot.


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