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Scenes from Tulia’s Beard House Dinner (and Call for Nominations!)

Here’s the inside look at chef Vincenzo Betulia’s visit to the New York home of our country’s most influential food organization—and how you can make sure other local favorites are better represented going forward.

BY October 28, 2016


We were excited over the summer to share that Naples’ very own Vincenzo Betulia, owner of Osteria Tulia, Bar Tulia and The French (opening in December), would be traveling to New York to prepare a dinner in the hot seat of American gastronomy: the James Beard House in Greenwich Village.

Chef Betulia wore his toque well as a culinary ambassador of Southwest Florida on Sept. 21, with several of his loyal patrons attending the event in addition to Beard members who purchased the $175 tickets for a taste of his rustic-Italian-with-an-upscale-twist signature fare. For those of us who didn’t get to sample the six-course sit-down meal, this is a glance into the fabled brownstone’s kitchen and dining room. Bravo, team Tulia!

Speaking of the James Beard Foundation, it is in the open period now for nominations for its prestigious annual culinary awards, the food world equivalent of the Oscars. Southwest Florida is perennially underrepresented, so click here to make your voice be heard and show support for our talented local chefs by Dec. 1, 2016.


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