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Welcome Back, Velvet

Its smooth texture and different depths of color add a smart look for fall and winter.

BY November 11, 2016


In Elizabethan times velvet was considered the preserve of only nobility, but fortunately for us in the centuries since, it has enjoyed many fashion revivals. From the velvet trouser suits of the ’70s (yeah, baby!) to the crushed velvet of ’90s grunge (meh, not so much), this most regal of fabrics is making a reappearance on the runway again for fall/winter. The beauty of velvet comes from its dense raised pile (or “nap”), which lies in one direction, giving the cloth texture and differing depths of color as light is reflected off its surface. Whether you’ll be wearing velvet—and don’t forget its close cousins, velveteen and corduroy—or accenting your home with these plush fabrics, this is the season to pile on the pile. 

Pictured above, from left: Sandal by Prada, $825; Saks Fifth Avenue, Waterside Shops, Beth platform by Marc Jacobs, $425; Marissa Collections, Hazel pump by Sam Edelman, $120; Allure pump by Jimmy Choo, $695; Nordstrom, Waterside Shops, 325-6100. Scotty Rock slipper by Ferragamo, $675; Saks Fifth Avenue, Waterside Shops.


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