Great Golf Gear

Now that you've got your swing down (maybe), check out the latest and greatest accessories.

BY December 7, 2016

Golf just isn’t as fun if you don’t have the right equipment to go with it. Here’s a look at the latest and greatest before you hit the links.

FootJoy Pro/SL

Spike-less shoes (meaning, shoes with nubs or other types of traction) have been all the rage recently. The hottest pair is now worn by a golfer named Beef. Andrew “Beef” Johnston donned the FootJoy Pro/SL earlier this year, causing quite a buzz with its modern look.

Mizuno JPX-900 Driver

The latest from Mizuno is a sleek-looking driver with a tweak-able advantage built in. The club comes with built-in adjustable weights, so you can fiddle with launch angle or spin. mizunousa.com/golf

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The Palmer and The Nicklaus Headwear

Go for the retro look with Ahead USA’s The Nicklaus and The Palmer, named after Jack and Arnie’s signature brimmed hats. aheadweb.com

Stance Golf Socks

Give your own tribute to the late, high-socked hero Payne Stewart: These socks come with an image of the man himself. fairwaystyles.com

Under Armour Igniter 2.0

Not just stylish, these sunglasses feature the UA Gameday Lenses, which sharpens the on-course contrast to help you spot the ball better. underarmour.com

Arccos Driver

This little nub fits into the top of your driver and sends info on your shot to your smartphone. Get data on distance and accuracy. And, here’s the fun (or discouraging) part: It can show you how you stack up against other golfers with the device. arccosgolf.com


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