Artist Icon Peter Max Exhibits at Mercato

The iconic American artist brings a colorful, newly curated collection of his works to Mercato.

BY January 24, 2017


Nearly 50 years have passed since legendary artist Peter Max’s vibrant creations took the world by storm. Through the rest of January, they’re taking Mercato by storm in a brand-new exhibition.

Key West Gallery and Road Show Company have partnered to create Peter Max’s The Retrospective: 1960 – 2017, an assembled collection of his greatest and most revered imagery. The master of pop art is most recognizable for his bright colors, uplifting imagery and cultural significance embedded in his paintings. His influential pieces serve as a guide to cultural literacy in the 1960s—his use of happy, angelic and psychedelic symbols embody nothing short of the “hippie” generation. 

Max’s artwork has slowly evolved over the last few decades. However, his central themes of love and peace have remained the same. When asked if his message or views have changed given today’s political and economical obstacles, he says, “I don’t allow outer world events to penetrate my inner happiness within my paintings.”

His most notable works are that of the Statue of Liberty, his iconic “Love” poster, portraits of some of the world’s best-loved celebrities and U.S. presidents, and many other American symbols of freedom. In the past decade, he was named the Official Artist of the Grammy Awards, designed ads for numerous Super Bowls and other major sporting events, and, most recently, created NBC’s The Voice Fall Premiere Campaign.

The Retrospective will feature some of Max’s best-known pieces, including Umbrella Man and Cosmic Runner, as well as some of his celebrity portraiture and more recent bold creations.

The exhibit is open to the public and kicked off this past Friday, Jan. 20, and will run through Jan. 31. The paintings will be on display and available for acquisition at The Mercato, 9115 Strata Place, Suite 5155. There are also opportunities to meet with the icon, as Max will make three special appearances. RSVPs for those are required; call (844) 810-9100 or email for more information. Here are the scheduled Meet the Artist receptions:

  • Friday, Jan. 27: From 6-9 p.m.
  • Saturday, Jan. 28: From 6-8 p.m.
  • Sunday, Jan. 29: From 1- 4 p.m.


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