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Bottoms Up: Pure Pours at Natural Wines

BY March 24, 2017

With wine lovers on a continual quest for the next greatest pour, even the most respected vintners find themselves unable to resist the allure of science, adding a dash of sulfites here or a sprinkling of yeast or sugar there. But a growing group of wine makers are seeking authenticity: the idea that grapes should be brought into the world—and bottled—as organically as possible. Peter Rizzo, a distributor with more than two decades of experience, has just opened Natural Wines, a shop featuring biodynamic and additive-free blends. He’s as thoughtful with his selections as the growers he’s supporting are, even handwriting tags for each bottle explaining its provenance and production methods. 

4949 Tamiami Trail N., Naples, 239-228-5890  

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