Young Fort Myers Native Becomes Own Boss with 'Seven Swim' Line

Hannah Marjon created the swimwear with comfort, quality and affordability in mind.

BY July 17, 2017


Hannah Marjon, a college student who spent most of her life growing up by the beaches, created her swimwear brand Seven Swim with comfort, quality and affordability in mind.

The brand launched April 7, 2017, with three top pieces (Pyro, Flame and Flare), three bottom pieces (Blaze, Spark and Flash) and one mono-piece (Inferno), all appropriately named for the site’s “Fire Collection.”

Marjon’s original inspiration came shortly after reading an interview with Moana Bikini owner Karina Irby. Irby, a 26-year-old designer from Australia, has become one of the most successful bikini-shop owners, with her worth at near millions.

“Seven Swim was born out of South Florida and my experiences on the beaches here. The brand is representative of the relaxed beach environment I grew up in,” Marjon says. “I love that people in Fort Myers and Naples and the surroundings area have been so supportive of the brand and of me.”

All of the branding, from the website to the photography, is done by Marjon. She admits that the best part of self-branding is that she gets to make the rules.

“My favorite part of photographing the line is getting to do everything my way,” she says. “I don’t have to answer to how anyone else thinks the pictures should look or how the line should be represented. Mostly I just like to show the beautiful simplicity in the line through simple pictures. … I never want it to be boring or too repetitive.”

Women can become brand ambassadors or, as Seven Swim refers to them, brand “Babes.” These women get exclusive discounts and info with brand updates. Along with the extras, Seven Swim Babes can send in photos of them in their swimwear to be featured on the Seven Swim Instagram.

“I get pictures from girls in my bikinis multiple times every day,” Marjon says, “and it’s amazing for me to see them enjoying something I created, so I like sharing that with my followers.”

Marjon added two new colors to the collection as a way to flatter the many skin tones the brand represents. The new additions, olive and burnt orange, are two high-trending colors for the summer.

A new swimwear collection is in the works for later this year, and Marjon says she is straying away from the minimalistic styles of the Fire Collection.

“I actually have the entire next collection drawn up. … The next collection will define the Seven look and me as a designer much more. The styles will be more edgy and trendy, but with the same comfortability and accessibility as the first collection,” Marjon says.

Plans for more are in the near future for the brand, as Marjon begins working on a South Florida pop-up shop to appear in September to ring in the new school year and a road series of pop-up shops that will tour the country.


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