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Timeless Is Now Open in Naples

The restaurant, bar and lounge we’d been waiting for from chef David Nelson and architect Matthew Kragh is designed to wow.

BY August 9, 2017


It seemed like we’d been fantasizing for an eternity about coal-fired morning bagel-wiches and late-night balsamic-drizzled pizzas, but Timeless – an MHK Eatery is now very much a real thing.

Classic Margherita pizza

The restaurant is open every day from 6:30 a.m. until the wee hours, and it’s aiming to give something to everyone all day long. Chef David Nelson, who has been at work on this project for more than a year and was at Truluck’s for a decade, is making short work of frittatas and espressos (the staff trained with Seattle baristas to get them just right) and shaved Brussels sprouts salads and cedar-plank salmon. If you’re after a quick bite or a lengthy sit-down meal, both are on the docket. It appears the only thing not on Timeless’s menu is hard liquor—but it’s an afterthought once you survey the diverse beer and wine offerings, including taps from local craft breweries.

Caprese salad

The restaurant is the first venture of local starchitect Matthew Kragh, who had spent years designing other people’s restaurants, including Vincenzo Betulia’s The French, as well as white-hot Old Naples mansions and beach cottages. Those influences combine here with some striking elements, like a bungalow housing the open kitchen and focal pieces by local artist Ed Kohler.

Home delivery in a pretty wide radius is coming soon. Take-out is available at the front counter (or, if you go through the rather large breezeway to La Colmar Bakery & Bistro next door). It’s the best of both worlds, saving you time with meals on the go and efficient service within.

Dining room

Open kitchen

Beer, wine and pizza lounge



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