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NeNe’s Comes to Naples

The casual kitchen that’s been serving old-school fare on Marco Island since 2005 has found a second home on Pine Ridge Road.

BY December 1, 2017


For card-carrying members of the brunch bunch, there can never be too many places that serve scrambles all day and French toast to order. Naples has now welcomed one more casual café to its mix, a sister to a longtime Marco Island joint, Nene’s Kitchen.

The two share the same name and same menu, but the Naples spot will not have dinner hours this season—however, that’s something owner Bob Natale hopes to change. The stock exchange trader-turned-restaurateur also has some bigger plans on the horizon, assuming this new perch on Pine Ridge Road near 41 takes off the way his original did 13 years ago. Since the parking lot borders a large lake (something few knew because it had been hidden by trees when the restaurant was a Loving Hut), the intent is to get a liquor license and clear some of the brush that Hurricane Irma didn’t and build a waterfront tiki hut with tables. Until then, Nene’s is another option in town for a quick, satisfying, old-school café experience with textbook Reubens, sloppy Joes, Chicago-style Vienna beef dogs, omelets and blintzes—that can be had any hour it’s open. Ccravings for an 8 a.m. Italian sub or 1 p.m. Denver skillet always get satisfied.

The crunchy French toast with a crushed Corn Flakes batter is Natale’s favorite and one of the top sellers. Another favorite, a classic Reuben, touts thick slabs of corned beef (or turkey, for a lighter option) with your pick of fries or chips. 


To plan a visit:

Nene’s Kitchen

875 Pine Ridge Road, Naples

(239) 260-1216

Open daily, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.  


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