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Worst of the Gulfshore 2018

Unfortunately, it's not all sunsets and beach walks in Southwest Florida

BY May 4, 2018

Worst travel souvenir: A Swiss couple who visited East Naples handled a bat when they were there (Yuck! Why?), in effort to deliver the misplaced mammal to the safety of a vet clinic (Oh. OK.). After they left, the clinic determined the bat carried rabies. Luckily, the Swiss government was able to track down the couple so they could receive proper treatment.

Worst departure of drinks: Paradise Wine in North Naples seemed perpetually hopping, leaving many shocked and saddened to read in December that it had abruptly shuttered.

Worst news for the workforce: The aforementioned-as-expanding Arthrex also announced plans to build a new plant in South Carolina, not Southwest Florida, due in part to housing costs: By the end of 2017, the median home price in Collier County was $330,000.

Worst management of tax dollars: Cost estimates for Bonita Springs High School jumped twice in the last year—by $14.9 million in March 2017 and then $13.9 million last summer, bringing the total cost to nearly $85 million.

Worst name: Irma


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