Florida’s Most Expensive Zip Code: Boca Grande

Want to live the island life? It will cost you in the 33921.

BY May 24, 2018


Boca Grande is the perfect weekend trip. Great beaches. Quaint downtown. Stately inn. As far as moving there—well, you better start saving now, to say the least. 

The most expensive zip code in Florida is 33921. That’s most of Gasparilla Island, which includes the small town of Boca Grande. You’d need an annual income of at least $177,000 to live there when you factor in housing and other cost of living expenses, according to a study by By the way, the median home value is more than $1 million. 

The island is ideal for vacationers—might we recommend the The Gasparilla Inn & Club for a few nights? (It often offers special rates during the summer.) There, you can get a golf cart and putter around the island. Be sure to check out local hangouts The Pink Elephant and the Loose Caboose (where we recommend the crab cakes). And bring your fishing pole. Boca is legendary for its tarpon fishing. Hey, at least you can live like a local for one weekend. 


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