Naples Named a Top Spot for Single Seniors. But Is That True?

Another study claims Naples is the place to be if you're single. We've found otherwise.

BY September 21, 2018

Looking at info, Naples sounds like a pretty good spot to be single and a senior. About 3.6 percent of people ages 55 and up are on a dating site, the seventh-highest percentage in the country, according to at study released by Provision Living. We've heard this theory before: Lots of seniors, many of them single and looking. But, as we've explored, it may not be so easy to be looking for companionship in your golden years. 

"Let’s just say the singles scene seems to suck for ladies my age, as we women are 4-to-1 to men."

Michele Eddy said that tongue-in-cheek when we interviewed her for our story What's a Single Woman to Do?. It's a sentiment that was echoed throughout. Sure, there are a lot of single seniors. But it's really hard to find the right one. 

So, what do you think? If you're a senior and looking, how have you found the singles scene? 

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