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Season Preview 2018: The Expanded Bone Hook Brewpub

It's more than just a brewery now.

BY November 5, 2018

In the tradition of “what is old is new again,” the celebrated yet short-lived Public House in Creekside Corners on Goodlette-Frank Road in Naples is being reconfigured as a Bone Hook Brewing Co.-branded eatery. Bone Hook Brewpub (239-631-8522, will be connected to the existing microbrewery, which will expand to fill the entire current space.

The restaurant side of the equation will be run by the family responsible for Pinchers, Texas Tony’s and Deep Lagoon Seafood, and this will undoubtedly be one of their more gourmet endeavors, with haute comforts (think: craft burgers) to complement the award-winning hops.

“We want to lead with the brewing, knocking down some walls so people can see inside. There will be what we’re calling a ‘rustic-industrial’ look and feel, and this will be an immersive experience—one of the only brewpubs in Southwest Florida. You will be able to go, sit down and dine where the beer is being made, not just grab food from trucks in the parking lot,” says Kevin Rooney, a representative for Phelan Family Brands.

He estimates a mid-fall opening, with admittedly a lot of variables in play. The current brewery, with its cozy taproom, will stay open until the very last minute when construction gets underway to bump out the workspace and weave it into the final layout.

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