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The Art-Filled Life

Thomas Merton famously said that “art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” A painting, sculpture or photograph can take the viewer to a place far away, without taking a step. Locally, people such as Terry and Bob Edwards, Reagan and Danny Geschardt and Peggy Ann embody the sentiment. All of them use art to create oases that feed their souls. And while they share the passion, each one’s approach is unique. Take a cue from these aficionados’ playbooks for a more artful life.   Peggy Ann The eclectic collector Living in Lake Park’s iconic Butterfly House comes with some lofty expectations. And homeowner, Peggy Ann, does not disappoint. The Milwaukee native, who lovingly rebuilt the inverted-roof house two years ago, has used her keen eye for design to create a home that not only showcases her love for art in all forms, but also stands as a cohesive gallery. All of the works—from paintings to sculptures to furnishings—are layered to create an artistic environment. “When I do an interior design for friends, the first thing I do is take photos and measurements of their art,” Ann says. “Every part of the design gets worked around the art. I’ll have floor plans for the art.” In her own home, she had a hallway converted into a gallery to display pieces, nooks created to hold smaller works and lighting intentionally designed to illuminate every piece in just the right way. She takes it that seriously. And yet, th
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