At Narrative Coffee Rosters in Mercato in North Naples, there’s a heavy emphasis on the story of the coffee and the flavor profile of the brew. The customer experience is key, along with having complete transparency on the coffee’s origin. Top, right: Co-owner Caleb MacPherson.


The New Buzz

Local java spots are redefining how a coffeehouse looks, feels and tastes.

Java lovers have identified a third wave of coffee shops, since sipping coffee has gone from being a utilitarian pursuit to an art. This third wave crests with indie coffeehouses that remold the concept with technology, craftsmanship and thinking outside the cup. Plenty of brew news has hit our streets lately, thanks to independent coffee purveyors like Shift Coffee Bar, with its roving carts in Fort Myers and jugs of oat milk mocha lattes, or Narrative Coffee Roasters, which recently went from a pop-up format to a brick-and-mortar. Here, we look at three places changing the caffeine game in Southwest Florida. Narrative Coffee Roasters, Naples Caleb MacPherson, co-owner of Narrative Coffee Roasters, believes he and partner, William Diaz-Garcia, stand at the rise of fourth-wave coffeehouses. “Heavy emphasis is on the story of the coffee—thus the name ‘Narrative’—and its flavor profile,” he says. A self-confessed “coffee nerd,” he started Narrative as a coffee roaster in his garage in Cape Coral three years ago, then expanded to a lab facility nearby, and in June opened an industrial-chic shop in Mercato. Diaz-Garcia, the fifth generation in his family to be involved in the coffee supply chain, joined the operation early in 2019. “The brick-and-mortar coffee shop is all about the customer experience,” he says. His face lights up talking about their Cyclops, a brewing system that relies on a vacuum pump to dry the grounds and then steep them several
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