Arrangements today take unexpected and gorgeous turns, ranging from sculpted, artistic showpieces to billowy, organic bouquets with plenty of Florida-appropriate accents. Austin Trenholm Photography


Love in Bloom

We asked Two of the region’s most sought-after designers—Kaleidoscope Floral and 50Fifty Creative Services—to reveal their favorite styles for modern arrangements.

BEYOND BESPOKE  When creating the floral design for events like the Naples Winter Wine Festival, 50Fifty Creative Services stays away from trends—instead, they opt for structural pieces that leave a lasting impression. “People want things that are really special and intricate and involved,” Matthew Huddleston, co-founder of 50Fifty Creative Services, says. “But the concept of impressing and grandness are leaving us.” Arrangements that complement the reason for gathering—such as a bride’s memory of her favorite childhood flower—drive the materials chosen and how they’re presented.   For a spring wedding, Huddleston is skipping simple table bouquets and installing a suspended arrangement. The base is a traditional blossom branch to represent the blooming cherry blossom trees of the bride’s upbringing in New England. Dried grasses and clouds of dainty baby’s breath billow out from the branch for an artistic palette that doesn’t detract from the occasion. In speaking to the structure, Huddleston explains: “The flower part remains open, naturally spaced apart as opposed to closely mounded. It’s
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