Part of the family business for more than 10 years, Jay Hartington has evolved Marissa Collections as a powerhouse boutique by innovating online while elevating the in-person shopping experience. “Fashion is servicing a lifestyle,” he says.

Art of Style

Vision 2021: Jay Hartington on the Future of Fashion

The CEO of Marissa Collections sees sustainable fashion, more e-commerce and unique shopping experiences on the horizon.

The disruption from the coronavirus pandemic appears not to have daunted Jay Hartington, CEO of Marissa Collections, as he leads his family’s 46-year-old business—a next-generation retailer that competes against the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Net-a-Porter. Originally founded by his parents, Marissa and Burt, in 1975, Marissa Collections has evolved from a small boutique into an intelligently curated, designer brick-and-mortar and luxury online shopping destination, all while staying true to its Third Street South roots. Marissa’s—as loyal fans call the boutique—has long held a prime spot among Naples’ fashion firmament. Clients can recall early days when Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors would fly down for exclusive trunk shows and runway events. In more recent years, the boutique has also become renowned nationwide for its array of heritage and emerging fine jewelry brands—a side of the business that Hartington has drastically grown. This didn’t happen overnight, though. About a decade ago when Hartington joined the business, he and the team started to strategically invest in smaller brands that have since evolved into household names, like Anita Ko and Irene Neuwirth. “We started on the journey with these up-and-coming, smaller brands and built excellent relationships early on,” he adds. While much of the future of retail relies on e-commerce, it’s not everything. After the pa
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