Photography by Nick Shirghio


Lightbulb Moment

Luminary Hotel’s new rooftop bar pays homage to a Fort Myers legend with its Grand Light Parade cocktail.

The rooftop view from the Beacon Social Drinkery at Fort Myers’ new Luminary Hotel & Co. delivers an explosive, visual festival, as it overlooks downtown and the Caloosahatchee River. A cocktail named Grand Light Parade couldn’t be more apropos. The Luminary takes its cues from Fort Myers’ most luminous historical figure—light bulb inventor Thomas A. Edison. In keeping with the theme, Beacon lights up downtown’s nightlife. Its Grand Light Parade cocktail (named for the February Edison Festival of Light) pays homage, as do most aspects of Luminary nomenclature, to local history and tradition. “The drink was light and colorful,” Beacon general manager Zachary Young explains. “I wanted to pay a subtle homage to Edison.” And as is common with most tinkering, Young’s experiments with new cocktails sometimes fail and lead to tweaks. “Trial and error makes you better,” he says. His Grand Light Parade cocktail started with the blackcurrant syrup he had used for a failed cocktail, mixed with Young’s desire to make “a good spicy margarita” with novel appeal. He coated the bottom of a rocks glass with the syrup, then shook up the rest of the ingredients, and topped it off for a multilayer effect. The colors worked, and so did the flavor. His house-mixed honey Sriracha syrup with 100% agave tequila and fresh-squeezed lime juice creates a sweet-tart-fiery interplay. Young, who recently moved to Fort Myers from Canada, knows his way around tropical drin
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