The bar­—with its lush patio, perfect for day sipping—delves deep into tiki lore, with a focus on authentic recipes dug up from the history books. (Courtesy Jungle Bird Authentic Tiki)


A Return to Tiki

At Jungle Bird Authentic Tiki, its all about that throwback, beachy culture—and the bar's namesake cocktail celebrates that best.

Jeremy Vincent first fell in love with the Jungle Bird cocktail at Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29 in New Orleans in 2017. “The Jungle Bird is an interesting cocktail,” he says. “It is simple and diverse enough. To me, it’s the perfect cocktail—Campari and rum rich in banana flavor, it’s really balanced. It’s just sweet and bitter enough, not overpowering.” He loved the cocktail so much, he decided to name his Cape Coral bar and restaurant for it. “It played perfectly in with the theme and vegetation here,” Vincent says. For not only did he fall in love with one cocktail there in the Big Easy, he fell in love with the tiki bar concept—not what he calls the “Florida tiki bar,” but authentic tiki bars. Little did he know that he was among a growing culture with its own forums and drinkers who travel far and wide for tiki drinks. Started in the 1930s at such classics as Beachcomber Don’s and Trader Vic’s, tiki bars used good rum and fresh juices to concoct drinks like the Mai Tai and Zombie. “Tiki has kind of been watered down over the past 20 to 30 years with mixers and c
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