Gather Beverage Company’s Healing Elixirs

Fort Myers' Amber Cebull brews adaptogen-based elixirs that bank on the healing effects of plants.

BY June 29, 2023
Gather Beverage Company drinks
(Photo Courtesy Gather Beverage Company)

After spending the pandemic searching for a healthier nightcap option, former brewer Amber Cebull launched Gather Beverage Company. Stationed along Metro Parkway in Fort Myers, the brand sells concentrated CBD- and adaptogen-based elixirs that bank on botanical ingredients for a clean, fresh flavor. “Change is within the bottle, change is within ourselves, change is within the company and as a whole with the functional beverage movement,” she says.

Gather Beverage Company elixirs—such as the Let it Be Lemon Lavender, blended with cardamom, butterfly pea flower, chamomile and citrus peel—meet state standards regarding pesticides, fungicides and heavy metals. CBD elixirs come in 1-ounce beginner servings with 12.5 milligrams and the standard 2-ounce with 25 mg of CBD, which is said to help relax the body. Sip the drinks straight up or mix them into mocktails at home. Amber takes to social media to share recipes, such as The Creamsicle Fizz/Push Pop, which blends Gather’s hoppy, citrus-forward Drive with orange bitters and kombucha. Later this year, Amber plans to debut a tasting room where customers can try the brews with full-spectrum CBD and CBD-free options.

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